NSO evo2 Software Update

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest software update for NSS evo2 and NSO evo2.

Features and Improvements

  • Support for Mercury© VesselView© Link with new Mercury user interface. Part of the new interface is split screen functionality and new control bar

  • Improvements to the vessel extension lines settings page. The system now has independent controls for your vessel and other vessels

  • Fix for when no tide stations can be found when the unit is set to a language other than English
  • Tide data improvements for multi display systems using a time offset
  • An issue connecting to some new models of Fusion radios has been fixed
  • The default setting for shaded relief for Insight charts is now set to off (after reset)
  • Auto routing is now available in North America for both Navionics and C-Map charts
  • Instruments page icon now be removed from the Home page under Settings>Advanced>Features
  • Support for future Halo RI12 software upgrades


After upgrading the NSO or NSS evo2 software, it is essential that the software of any connected SonarHub is also updated to the latest version. Download the latest SonarHub software here

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Version 5.0-55.1
Release Date August 2016
File Size 84 MB
File Format upd