NSS8 Chartplotter / Multifunction Display

Part # 000-10196-001

This feature loaded, fully integrated, 8-inch touch-screen chartplotter / multifunction display with built-in GPS and performance Echosounder, and NMEA 2000® network compatibility, puts powerful navigation systems in the hands of performance-minded boaters. It also comes with Insight USA Cartography, for the ultimate in situational awareness..

For Latin America and Canada, the NSS8 can also be purchased with C-MAP by Jeppesen Max-N BDS mapping.

Key Features

  • Extreme Ease of Use
  • Touch Sensible™ Technology
  • Powerfully Fast Charting
  • GoFree Wireless™ Compatible
  • Insight Genesis Ready
  • Expandable
  • Bright Display
  • Built-In GPS
  • Built-In Echosounder
  • Embedded Cartography
  • Micro SD
  • NMEA 2000®
  • Smart Boat Technology
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    What are people saying?

    "Clearly, Navico's R&D Team was communing with its inner Apple when it developed it's latest multifunction display (MFD), the Simrad NSS Sport."

    Passagemaker Magazine- May 2011

    "Simrad’s latest series of multifunction displays can do everything from show you fish to manage your tunes with touchscreen simplicity"

    Great Lakes Angler- May 2011

    "NSS system is arguably the easiest to use on the market to date."


    "You can literally have it your way, thanks to NSS's ability to create completely flexible user preference pathways to displays and data."

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing JUN 20




    Touchscreen, Multifunction Display

    Display Size


    Screen Brightness


    Built-In Cartography

    Insight USA™

    GPS Antenna

    Internal (External Optional)

    Networking Capability

    1 x NMEA2000 Micro-C

    1 x NMEA0183 In/Out

    Video Integration

    2 x Input

    Radar Options / Features


    Satellite Weather


    Echosounder Options


    StructureScan™ Compatible


    CZone Smart Boat Integration



    Backlighting Levels 1200 nits
    Display Resolution [pixels x pixels] 800 x 600
    Multi-language Display Yes
    Display Type 8 inch Color TFT LCD


    Operating Temperature -15 °C to +55°C (+5°F to +131°F)
    Housing Plastic housing; Die cast rear heatsink
    Waterproof Standard/rating IPx7
    Product Width 283.5 mm / 11.16 in
    Product Depth 120 mm /4.72 in
    Product Height 192 mm / 7.56 in
    Product Weight 2.1 kg / 4.6 lbs


    Power Consumption 15.6W or 1.2A @ 13VDC
    Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12.0 VDC-24.0 VDC (9.0 - 32.0 VDC Min-Max) vDC
    NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency Number 1


    Languages English (UK), English (US), Danish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Croatian, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch,Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Slovenian, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian
    Other Features *Echosounder - NB. Echosounder only applies to NSS8 Ethernet - 1 port Interface (NMEA 2000) - Micro C (1) Video Input: Composite Video x (multiplexed) SD Card Slot: Micro SD (1) Certificates of Conformity: CE (EN609
    PGN Data
    Rx Tx
    59392 ISO Acknowledgement x x
    59904 ISO Request x x
    60160 ISO Transport Protocol, Data Transfer x x
    60416 ISO Transport Protocol, Connection M. x x
    60928 ISO Address Claim x x
    65240 ISO Commanded Address x  
    126208 NMEA Cmd/Req/Ack Group Function x x
    126992 System Time x x
    126996 Product Information x x
    127237 Heading / Track Control x x
    127245 Rudder x  
    127250 Vessel Heading x x
    127251 Rate Of Turn x  
    127257 Attitude x  
    127258 Magnetic Variation x x
    127488 Engine Parameters, Rapid Update x  
    127489 Engine Parameters, Dynamic x  
    127493 Transmission Parameters, Dynamic x  
    127503 AC Input Status x  
    127505 Fluid Level x  
    127506 DC Detailed Status x  
    127508 Battery Status x  
    128259 Speed, Water Referenced x x
    128267 Water Depth x x
    128275 Distance Log x x
    129025 Position, Rapid Update x x
    129026 COG & SOG, Rapid Update x x
    129029 GNSS Position Data x x
    129033 Time & Date x  
    129038 AIS Class A Position Report x  
    129039 AIS Class B Position Report x  
    129040 AIS Class B Extended Position Report x  
    129283 Cross Track Error x x
    129284 Navigation Data x x
    129285 Navigation - Route/WP Information   x
    129539 GNSS DOPs x x
    129540 GNSS Sats in View x x
    129794 AIS Class A Static and Voyage Related Data x  
    129801 AIS Addressed Safety Related Message x  
    129802 AIS Safety Related Broadcast Message x  
    129808 DSC Call Information x  
    130074 Route and WP Service - WP List - N&P x x
    130306 Wind Data x x
    130310 Environmental Parameters x x
    130311 Environmental Parameters x x
    130312 Temperature x x
    130313 Humidity x  
    130314 Actual Pressure x  
    130576 Small Craft Status x  
    130577 Direction Data x x


    EchoSounder Frequencies *NSS8: 50/200 or 83/200kHz kHz
    EchoSounder Max Sonar Depth [m] 1000
    EchoSounder Output Power Max *NSS8: Max 250W Peak to Peak (31W RMS) actual W

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