Marine Electronics For Power Boaters

Simrad NSO evo2 glass bridge systems place you in complete control of your powerboating experience. Navigate confidently and safely with intuitive multi-touch controls, ForwardScan™ sonar, and a range of innovative radar solutions. Continuum autopilot frees your hands from the wheel, while you cruise to your own soundtrack with the fully integrated SonicHub®2 entertainment system.

NSO evo2 Glass Bridge

NSO evo2 Glass Bridge

One NSO evo2 marine processor can drive two independent touchscreen displays, delivering integrated control of your on-board electronics.

ForwardScan Sonar


See near and far, simultaneously, with the revolutionary low-emission radar system you can mount almost anywhere.

HALO Pulse Compression Radar

HALO™ Pulse Compression Radar

Safely navigate shallow and poorly-charted waters with a forward-looking sonar view that shows you exactly what lies ahead.