Marine Electronics For Sportfishing

Modular Simrad technology lets you create the perfect sportfishing system for your boat. Search deeper with CHIRP-enabled Broadband Sounder™ technology, wider with StructureScan® 3D sonar imaging, and further with high resolution Halo™ bird-finder radar. Take control with the latest fully integrated NSS evo3 multifunction displays, built for reliability and ease of use in the toughest offshore conditions.

Simrad NSS evo3 Multifunction Display

NSS evo3 Multifunction Display

The centre of your sportfishing system. NSS evo3 displays deliver clear visibility, responsive controls, and advanced built-in sonar.

BSM-3 Broadband Sonar

BSM-3 Broadband Sounder

Venture further offshore with enhanced depth range and CHIRP sonar capabilities; perfect for deep-water anglers and professionals.

HALO Pulse Compression Radar

HALO Pulse Compression Radar

Find birds, and you’ll find fish. Low-emission, high-performance Halo™ radar systems suit sportfishing vessels of almost any size.