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C-MAP Chart Offer

Combine a C-MAP chart with selected chartplotters or fishfinders and save up to 300

Choose a chartplotter or fishfinder

Save up to  €300 when you buy a Cruise, GO or NSS evo3 chartplotter/fishfinder and a qualifying C-MAP chart from a participating dealer.

Cruise - €100 saving with chart

Simrad Cruise is the most intuitive, easy-to-use chartplotter available. Everything you need for simple and straightforward GPS navigation is right inside the box.

GO Series - €200 saving with chart*

Simrad GO series displays are designed to help you make the most of your time on the water and are a perfect addition to sportboats, dayboats, and center-consoles. *Offer excludes GO5.

Discover the new MAX-N+ Local Chart

  • NEW Increased Local chart coverage areas
  • NEW Faster, easier and more detailed

C-MAP MAX-N+ brings trusted C-MAP data and advanced charting features to users of compatible Simrad navigation systems. Whether you’re an avid saltwater or freshwater angler or long-range cruiser, these powerful charts will enhance every moment you spend on the water.

Navigate Safely

  • Detailed vector charts
  • Harbour plans
  • Easy Routing
  • Tides and currents
  • Satellite imagery*
  • Dynamic Raster Charts*
  • Aerial photos*

*Not included in Continental or Wide coverage.

Catch More

  • High Resolution Bathymetry
  • Genesis Layer
  • Custom Depth Shading

When you buy a chart from C-MAP you get 12 months of free updates with all the latest improvements. However, there is never any need to update your charts to continue using our key features such as Easy Routing, Genesis Layer and High Resolution Bathymetry.

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View list of qualifying Chartplotters & Fishfinders
  • 000-14998-001 Simrad Cruise 5 with Base Chart & 83/200 XDCR
  • 000-14999-001 Simrad Cruise 7 with Base Chart & 83/200 XDCR
  • 000-15000-001 Simrad Cruise 9 with Base Chart & 83/200 XDCR
  • 000-14448-001 Simrad GO7 XSR ROW NO XDCR
  • 000-14446-001 Simrad GO7 XSR ROW HDI XDCR
  • 000-14839-001 Simrad GO7 XSR ROW Active Imaging 3-1
  • 000-14444-001 Simrad GO9 XSE ROW NO XDCR
  • 000-14841-001 Simrad GO9 XSE ROW Active Imaging 3-1
  • 000-14445-001 Simrad GO9 XSE ROW MED/HI/DWNSCN
  • 000-14442-001 Simrad GO12 ROW NOXD
  • 000-14835-001 Simrad GO12 ROW Active Imaging 3-1
  • 000-13237-001 Simrad NSS 7 evo3 COMBO MFD,WORLD BASEMAP
  • 000-13238-001 Simrad NSS 9 evo3 COMBO MFD,WORLD BASEMAP
  • 000-13239-001 Simrad NSS 12 evo3 COMBO MFD,WORLD BASEMAP
  • 000-13240-001 Simrad NSS 16 evo3 COMBO MFD,WORLD BASEMAP


This offer may not be combined with any other offer, however Navico hard bundles with their own Item Number (e.g. Chartplotter + Radar) can be included


View list of qualifying C-MAP MAX-N+ Local Charts
  • EM-Y120 Black Sea & Sea of Azov
  • EM-Y128 Aegean Sea & Sea of Marmara
  • EM-Y141 West Mediterranean
  • EM-Y143 Central Mediterranean
  • EM-Y153 Adriatic & Ionian Seas
  • EN-Y068 Central European Lakes
  • EN-Y080 Germany Inland
  • EN-Y270 Malmoe to Valdermarsvik
  • EN-Y309 Gulf of Finland & Aaland Archipelago
  • EN-Y325 Finland Lakes
  • EN-Y330 Nieuwpoort to Emden
  • EN-Y331 Karlskrona to Emden
  • EN-Y334 Scheveningen to Sylt
  • EN-Y336 Torekov to Larvik
  • EN-Y338 Vaestervik to Soederhamn
  • EN-Y340 Gulf of Bothnia
  • EN-Y584 Fiskebaeckskil to Lyngdal
  • EN-Y590 Scandinavia Inland Waters
  • EN-Y592 Farsund to Maaloey
  • EN-Y593 Bergen to Brandsfjorden
  • EN-Y594 Kristiansund to Finnsnes
  • EN-Y596 Bodoe to Kirkenes
  • EN-Y614 Latvia & Lithuania
  • EN-Y802 Polish Inland Waters
  • EN-Y803 Polish Coasts
  • EW-Y135 Portugal & Galicia
  • EW-Y235 French Inland
  • EW-Y311 Madeira, Azores and Canary Islands
  • EW-Y315 Bay of Biscay
  • EW-Y319 English Channel to River Humber
  • EW-Y321 Irish Sea & Bristol Channel
  • EW-Y333 Ireland West & South West Coasts
  • EW-Y334 UK & Inland Waters
  • EW-Y324 North Channel to Firth of Forth
  • EW-Y326 Montrose to Ramsgate

View list of qualifying C-MAP MAX-N+ Wide Charts
  • EN-Y299 Baltic Sea & Denmark
  • EN-Y300 North Sea & Denmark
  • EW-Y226 UK & Ireland
  • EM-Y076 South-West European Coasts
  • EW-Y227 North-West Europe Coasts
  • EW-Y228 West European Coasts

View list of qualifying C-MAP MAX-N+ Continental Charts
  • EN-Y050 Continental North Europe
  • EN-Y055 Continental Baltic Sea
  • EW-Y060 Central & West Europe Continental
  • EM-Y045 Southern Europe Continental

View list of qualifying C-MAP MAX-N+ Reveal Charts
  • M-EW-Y624-MS North Channel to Firth of Forth
  • M-EW-Y619-MS English Channel to River Humber

View Terms and Conditions
  • This offer is only available to consumers who purchase a qualifying MFD from official dealers/retailers participating in the campaign and who are located in EMEA, or online at Purchases made outside of EMEA are not eligible for this offer, even if the end user is resident in Europe, the Middle East or Africa
  • To be eligible to claim all consumers must purchase an eligible MFD along with an eligible C-MAP MAX-N+ Chart between 1st April and 30th June 2020
  • Charts Included are as listed, all MAX-N+ charts, and cannot be exchanged for alternative coverage
  • Discount on MFD + Chart bundle MUST be given at time of purchase and shown on receipt
  • Discount on purchase of MFD with C-MAP chart is only valid on new, qualifying products. Used, remanufactured or refurbished products, or products that are purchased on on-line auction sites are not eligible for this offer
  • This offer may not be combined with any other offer, however Navico hard bundles with their own Item Number (e.g. Chartplotter + Radar) can be included
  • Offer available with selected, participating dealers/retailers or online at, and while stocks last
  • Only one claim may be submitted in connection with the purchase of a qualifying MFD
  • This offer may not be combined with any other offer
  • You acknowledge that your participation in this offer imposes no liability on Navico other than to fulfil the discount at point of purchase, in-line with the T&Cs of this promotion. In particular, Navico is not liable for any consequential damage
  • If any promotional products which qualified for the campaign are returned, the chart must be returned at the same time
  • Charts can be updated free of charge for a period of 12 months from the C-MAP Website

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