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How to download a Social Map to your Simrad device

C-MAP Genesis has been around since 2013. Since then we have received millions of hectares of Social Map data from the Genesis angling community, which is free to download for anyone with a compatible device. You can also subscribe for Genesis EDGE to receive access to thousands of Social Bottom Hardness maps.

You can also contribute to the community yourself. Simply start a sonar recording the next time you are out on the water and upload the file to

Here’s how to download a Genesis Map:

Steps 1 & 2

1)      Firstly, create an account on

2)      Before you can download your first Social Map, you will need to register your device online (you will need to power up your device and locate the Serial number and Content ID).

Steps 3 & 4

3)      Log into your Genesis profile, scroll down to “Add Device”. Follow the prompts to add your plotter credentials - make sure to enter the details correctly to ensure the map can loaded and presented on the device.

4)      You can now download a Free Social Map! Enter the Social Map menu, select the location and area you want to view, click on the download button to save the desired map to your device. 

Note* Remember to Unzip the download file before adding the map to an SD card.

Step 5

5)      Enjoy the new layers of detail to your favourite angling spots!