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StructureScan 3D & Low/High CHIRP Transducer

SKU: 000-14254-001

This multi-purpose transducer combines StructureScan® 3D imaging with low/high-frequency CHIRP and traditional sonar capabilities. Search underwater terrain for fish-holding structure in 3D, while pinpointing individual fish targets with CHIRP sonar. Low-frequency CHIRP offers excellent bottom tracking, while High CHIRP provides detailed coverage in shallower waters.
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Product details

StructureScan® 3D Imaging
This thru-hull transducer works with the StructureScan® 3D module (sold separately) to create a high resolution, three dimensional view of underwater terrain and fish-holding structure. Immediately see where fish and structure are located in relation to your boat, with a picture-like view you can easily pan, tilt, and rotate for the perfect perspective.

CHIRP and Traditional Sonar
The transducer can also be connected directly to the built-in sounder on your Simrad multifunction display, or to a SonarHub sounder module, to provide CHIRP and traditional sonar capabilities. Low-frequency CHIRP offers excellent offshore bottom tracking, while High CHIRP provides detailed coverage of the upper water column and in shallower waters.

Through-Hull Installation
The through-hull transducer can be mounted flat, or with the included fairing block. Stainless steel construction suits a variety of hull materials and designs.

Minimum product requirements

StructureScan 3D imaging requires a StructureScan 3D module (sold separately) and a compatible multifunction display. CHIRP and traditional sonar features require the CHIRP sonar port on a multifunction display or SonarHub sounder module.

Key Features

  • StructureScan® 3D imaging transducer
  • Scans up to 180 metres (600 feet) to each side of your boat
  • Also provides Low and High-frequency CHIRP sonar capabilities
  • Stainless steel transducer supports through-hull mounting
  • Mount flat or with the included fairing block


Warranty Period
1 Year
Max Depth
3000' (900m) Traditional Sonar300' (90m) DownScan Sonar600' (180m) Each Side, SideScan Sonar
50/200 kHzLow/High CHIRP455 kHz
Output power