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Save up to £300 on a GO chartplotter* when purchased with additional electronics/charts

*offer excludes GO5

The GO Series

000-14448-001_01 7.jpg

GO7 XSR - £100 Cashback

The GO7 XSR is a great way to add GPS navigation, sonar, and even radar to your boat. This compact yet feature-packed display is perfect for smaller sportboats, dayboats, and center-consoles. Wireless connectivity to smartphones and tablets keeps you in control from anywhere on board, almost like a second display.


GO9 XSE - £200 Cashback

Add GPS navigation, sonar support, radar capability, and much more to your boat with the GO9 XSE: perfect for sportboats, center-consoles, and smaller cruisers. Enjoy intuitive touchscreen control over a multitude of optional accessories, from autopilot to your on-board sound system. Take your display anywhere on board with wireless mirroring to smartphones and tablets.

000-14137-001_01 12.jpg

GO12 XSE - £300 Cashback

Take control of your on-board electronics with the GO12 XSE. Perfect for sportboats, cruisers, and center-consoles, this touchscreen chartplotter features built-in sonar, radar capability, and seamless integration with a wide range of optional accessories from autopilot to entertainment. Stay in control from anywhere on board with wireless mirroring to mobile devices.

Qualifying Products



View list of qualifying GO Chartplotters
  • 000-14448-001   GO7 XSR ROW NO XDCR
  • 000-14446-001   GO7,XSR ROW HDI XDCR
  • 000-14839-001   GO7,XSR ROW Active Imaging 3-1
  • 000-14444-001   GO9 XSE ROW NO XDCR
  • 000-14445-001   GO9,XSE ROW MED/HI/DWNSCN
  • 000-14841-001   GO9,XSE ROW Active Imaging 3-1
  • 000-15618-001   GO9,XSE ROW AI-3-1, HALO 20+ BUNDLE
  • 000-14442-001   GO12 ROW NOXD
  • 000-14835-001   GO12 ROW Active Imaging 3-1
View list of qualifying electronics products
  • 000-13291-001   AP44M-VRF PACK (MED CAPACITY)
  • 000-13335-001   NAC-2 CORE PACK
  • 000-13336-001   NAC-3 CORE PACK
  • 000-13337-001   NAC-2 VRF CORE PACK
  • 000-13338-001   NAC-3 VRF CORE PACK
  • 000-13562-001   AP44H-VRF PACK (HIGH CAPACITY)
  • 000-11748-001   Outboard Pilot Hydraulic Pack
  • 000-11750-001   DrivePilot Hydraulic Pack
  • 000-11749-001   Outboard Pilot Cable steer Pack
  • 000-13293-001   IS42 Speed / Depth pack
  • 000-12249-001   AIS V5035 Class A Transceiver
  • 000-13609-001   NAIS-500 WITH GPS-500
  • 000-13963-001   NAIS-500 + NSPL-500 + GPS-500 + N2K
  • 000-13609-001   NAIS-500,NSPL-500,GPS (SPLIT CABLE)
  • 000-14537-001   HALO20,SIMRAD,RADAR
  • 000-14536-001   HALO20+,SIMRAD,RADAR           
  • 000-14535-001   HALO24,SIMRAD,24",RADAR
  • 000-12607-001   PRECISION-9 COMPASS
  • 000-13260-001   S5100 SONAR MODULE
  • 000-12302-001   SonicHub 2
  • 000-11674-001   ForwardScan™ XDCR kit
  • 000-14531-001   RS90s Black Box VHF AIS RX SYSTEM
  • 000-14491-001   RS20s
  • 000-14473-001   VHF MARINE RADIO, DSC, AIS-RXTX, RS40-B
  • 000-11043-001   GPS ANTENNA SIMRAD GS-25 MODULE PACK
View list of qualifying C-MAP Local Charts
  • M-EM-Y120-MS   Black Sea & Sea of Azov
  • M-EM-Y128-MS   Aegean Sea & Sea of Marmara
  • M-EM-Y141-MS   West Mediterranean
  • M-EM-Y143-MS   Central Mediterranean
  • M-EM-Y153-MS   Adriatic & Ionian Seas
  • M-EN-Y068-MS   Central European Lakes
  • M-EN-Y080-MS   Germany Inland
  • M-EN-Y270-MS   Malmoe – Valdermarsvik
  • M-EN-Y309-MS   Gulf of Finland & Aaland Archipelago
  • M-EN-Y325-MS   Finland Lakes
  • M-EN-Y330-MS   Nieuwpoort to Emden
  • M-EN-Y331-MS   Karlskrona to Emden
  • M-EN-Y334-MS   Scheveningen to Sylt
  • M-EN-Y336-MS   Torekov - Larvik
  • M-EN-Y338-MS   Vaestervik - Soederhamn
  • M-EN-Y340-MS   Gulf of Bothnia
  • M-EN-Y584-MS   Fiskebaeckskil - Lyngdal
  • M-EN-Y590-MS   Scandinavia Inland Waters
  • M-EN-Y592-MS   Farsund to Maaloey
  • M-EN-Y593-MS   Bergen to Brandsfjorden
  • M-EN-Y594-MS   Kristiansund – Finnsnes
  • M-EN-Y596-MS   Bodoe - Kirkenes
  • M-EN-Y614-MS   Latvia & Lithuania
  • M-EN-Y802-MS   Polish Inland Waters
  • M-EN-Y803-MS   Polish Coasts
  • M-EW-Y135-MS   Portugal & Galicia
  • M-EW-Y235-MS   French Inland
  • M-EW-Y311-MS   Madeira, Azores and Canary Islands
  • M-EW-Y319-MS   English Channel to River Humber
  • M-EW-Y321-MS   Irish Sea & Bristol Channel
  • M-EW-Y333-MS   Ireland West & South West Coasts
  • M-EW-Y324-MS   North Channel to Firth of Forth
  • M-EW-Y326-MS   Montrose to Ramsgate
  • M-EW-Y334-MS   UK & Inland Waters
  • M-AF-Y209-MS   South-East Africa
  • M-NA-Y065-MS   The Caribbean & Central America
  • M-AF-Y219-MS   Mauritius & Reunion Islands
  • M-EW-Y315-MS   Bay of Biscay
View list of qualifying C-MAP Wide Charts
  • M-EN-Y299-MS   Baltic Sea & Denmark
  • M-EN-Y300-MS   North Sea & Denmark
  • M-EW-Y226-MS   UK & Ireland
  • M-EM-Y076-MS   South-West European Coasts
  • M-EW-Y227-MS   North-West Europe Coasts
  • M-EW-Y228-MS   West Europe Coasts
View list of qualifying C-MAP Continental Charts
  • M-EN-Y050-MS   Continental North Europe
  • M-EN-Y055-MS   Continental Baltic Sea
  • M-EW-Y060-MS   Central & West Europe Continental
  • M-EM-Y045-MS   Southern Europe Continental
View list of qualifying C-MAP Reveal Charts
  • M-EW-Y619-MS English Channel to River Humber
  • M-EW-Y624-MS N Channel to Firth of Forth

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Find a local retailer to purchase a GO chartplotter and any qualifying accessory or chart to save up to £300.

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How to qualify for and claim your cashback offer

Step 1

Purchase a selected chartplotter/fishfinder along with a qualifying accessory or chart between 01/09/2020 and 31/10/2020.

Step 2

Click the ‘CLAIM NOW’ button below and provide proof of purchase when prompted. Claims cannot be made until 28 days after purchase

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You will receive the cashback into the bank account you provided the details for within 4 weeks of your claim.

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