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MO24-P Monitor

SKU: 000-11265-001

The MO24-P monitor is the face of your Simrad glass bridge and offers a clear view of charts, radar, sonar, and more. This 24-inch widescreen display is suitable for pilothouse installations, and features a thin bezel designed to maximize viewing area for your available dash space.

Product details

The Optimal View for your Simrad Glass Bridge
The MO24-P offers a clear widescreen view of charts, radar, sonar, and other key data. Designed for pilothouse installation, this 24-inch display is ideal for keypad-controlled Simrad glass bridge systems. MO-series marine monitors can also be installed as an extra screen for other HDMI-capable Simrad displays, and a wide range of other devices, offering a consistent interface across all of your on-board electronics.

Styled to Complement any Helm Design
MO-series marine monitors feature thin bezels to maximize the usable screen area for your available dash space. A low 8 mm flush-mount profile blends the display seamlessly into your dash or console, giving you the perfect view whilst offering the elegance of a clean helm. Each monitor includes both silver and black trim options to complement any colour scheme and helm design.

Easy to Use, Cost-Effective to Install
A simple menu system makes it easy to switch between display sources, or use the monitor’s customisable picture-in-picture option. Menu keys are built right into the glass bezel on the front of the display, offering ultimate convenience without compromising on aesthetics. MO-series monitors also offer quick and cost-effective installation with a ‘mount from front’ option, and connect directly to a wide range of electronics with HDMI, DVI, and composite inputs.

Minimum product requirements

An NSO evo2 marine processor and accessories are required to enable charting, sonar, radar, and other glass bridge functionality.

Key Features

  • 300-nit brightness for pilothouse installation
  • 24-inch active viewing area
  • Thin bezel with a low profile 8 mm flush-mount design
  • Cost-effective installation with a ‘mount from front’ option
  • Includes HDMI, DVI, and composite inputs
  • Customisable picture-in-picture support
  • Simple, touch-operated menu controls

What's in the box?

  • N2K-T-RD Network T-Connector
  • NMEA 2000 6ft Network Extension Cable
  • MO16/19/24 Cable Retention Bracket
  • Rear mount bracket kit for MO16/19/24 monitors
  • MO16/19/24 Connectors Kit
  • MO24 Bezels


Display Size
24 inches