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SKU: 000-12617-001

TRACK-WI-FI kit with TRACK Wi-Fi unit, GPS/WLAN antenna, Junction box +terminal strip

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Product details

System overview The GoFree Track hardware system: Detects and collects digital information from multiple onboard sources Records all information for later transmission Provides instant alerts on the most critical information Converts diesel engine data to MFD displays Transmits information via WiFi, Cellular or Satellite GoFree Track Module Waterproof, Over the air programmable module with internal back up battery, Inputs / Outputs Standard I/O (shipped with the standard kit) NMEA 2000 MFD/ Engines/ depth/ compass/wind GPS (internal) Optional I/O (additional components reqyired) Diesel engine harness - J1939 Engine (diesel) Security sensors – 4 stock sensors available Door/Hatch open, Temperature, shore power connection, high bilge water level Additional User definable I/O – (Connections provided without sensors) 3 Digital inputs 4 A/D inputs 5 relay drivers Communication antennas Cellular + WiFi + GPS with 3 m (10 Ft) cable Wifi + GPS with 3 meter cables Iriidium satellite with 10 m (33 ft) cable

Key features

GoFree TRACK software- Key Features
  • All data is recorded in two speeds
  • SD recording(standard definition) user selectable recording speeds
  • Ideal for general recording of vessel location and activity
  • HD recording (high definition) fixed fast recording rates (100 – 500 milliseconds)
  • HD recordings are triggered by alert messages
  • HD recordings capture time before, during and after alert periods
  • All data is stored and forwarded to the users GoFree account
  • Firmware settings are made online and pushed to the module automatically