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Proven performance and reliability for all types of sportfishing and powerboats

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Commercial-grade autopilot controller with 4.1-inch full-colour display, rotary control dial, and dedicated dodge keys.

Feature-packed autopilot controller with 4.1-inch full-colour display, intuitive operation and rotary-dial course adjustment.
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Proven Technology

State-of-the-art electronics are incorporated into Simrad autopilot systems, reducing the workload when you are at the wheel.. Simrad autopilot systems reliably and accurately control heading using efficient turns, improving run times and reducing fuel consumption. Simrad autopilot systems take the worry out of constant course corrections and is a great fit for both veteran and inexperienced boaters.

A wide array of available modular components allows users to quickly and easily build the perfect autopilot system to fit any needs. Once a system is put together, Simrad autopilot acts as another trusted crewmember. Whether combining a custom system or selecting a core-component pack, any boater will enjoy the advantage and freedom of a Simrad autopilot system.

Smarter Steering Decisions

Piloting skill is built over years of real-time experience on the water. Simrad autopilot systems uses Continuum Steering Technology that has been developed with countless hours of on the water. The Continuum algorithm constantly decides on the best course of action dependent upon conditions and your needs.

Customize or Select from Prepackaged Autopilots

Simrad autopilot systems make it easy with a range of complete, full-featured system kits, and core-component packs (just choose a drive unit and controller). Offering great value for smaller powerboats, Simrad Outboard Pilot and DrivePilot™ packs include complete autopilot systems designed exclusively for on-screen control from your existing Simrad multifunction display.