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Integration is key

Staying connected is more important than ever while on the water.

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TRACK-WI-FI kit with TRACK Wi-Fi unit, GPS/WLAN antenna, Junction box +terminal strip All data is recorded in two speeds. SD recording(standard definition) user selectable recording speeds. Ideal for general recording of vessel location and activity. HD recording (high definition) fixed fast recording rates (100 – 500 milliseconds). HD recordings are triggered by alert messages. HD recordings capture time before, during and after alert periods. All data is stored and forwarded to the users GoFree account. Firmware settings are made online and pushed to the module automatically

NSS7 evo3 with Insight charts

7-inch display with GPS, sounder & Wi-Fi. Includes Insight charts. 7-inch widescreen display with ultra-wide viewing angles. Switch seamlessly between touchscreen and keypad controls. Built-in GPS receiver, wireless connectivity, and echosounder. Control Simrad sonar, radar, autopilot, and other accessories. Industry-standard connectivity to engines, sound systems, and more. Easy trip planning and support for automatic routing (unavailable in North America). Choose low-profile flush mounting or convenient bracket mounting. Includes Insight charts
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All-In-One Total Boat Control

Integration is key to delivering total boat control and monitoring through one connected system. Manage electrical and mechanical components of your boat from a Simrad multifunction display, smartphone or tablet. From monitoring engine performance and fuel levels to controlling an air conditioner and anchor winch, digital switching eliminates the need to operate an array of manual switches in different locations on your boat.

Relax with Peace of Mind with Track

Simrad Track offers real-time GPS tracking and monitors, logs and transmits important vessel security, navigation, engine and sensor information to GoFree cloud. Set up custom “geo-fence” zones and receive email updates anytime your boat enters or exit these zones, giving you peace of mind your boat is in a safe location.

Track gives control of systems such as lights, air conditioning and refrigeration so you can ready for your voyage before heading to the marina or respond to emergency situations from anywhere in the world. Track can also record performance information for up to five engines and supports a range of add-on security and status sensors.

Smartphone and Tablet Connectivity

Staying connected is more important than ever while on the water. Whether taking control of a Simrad multifunction display or streaming your favorite music, Simrad marine technology gives you multi-platform connectivity with smartphone or tablet integration. You can monitor and control boat functions right from the palm of your hand and view sonar and radar in real time.