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SKU: 000-12495-001

The B75H is a Bronze, thru-hull CHIRP transducer, ideal for sportfishing and commercial vessels up to 8 m (25 ft) in size. This single-channel transducer offers High CHIRP only, for the best target resolution in shallower depths.

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Product details

Single Channel CHIRP

Using pulsed transmissions swept across a range of frequencies, CHIRP technology delivers superior target resolution and depth penetration to traditional single-frequency sonar. This single channel CHIRP transducer operates anywhere in the 130-210 kHz High CHIRP frequency range, with a 15-9° beam width. With High CHIRP, the B75H provides an operating depth of up to 310 m (1000 ft).


One sensor does it all. Able to measure both depth and temperature in a single package, the B75H simplifies installation and requires just one connection to your echosounder module or multifunction display.

Deadrise Compensation

The B75H's 12° fixed tilt is ideal for boats with an 8° to 15° hull deadrise. An untilted (0°) version is also available, and a 20° tilt to compensate for deadrises of 16-24°. With ceramic elements tilted inside the housing to aim the beam straight down without a fairing block, these transducers are able to deliver more accurate depth readings and best cover the area directly beneath your boat.


With bronze housing, the B75H is suitable for thru-hull mounting in fiberglass and wood hulls. Thru-hull mounting places the transducer in the water on the outside of your boat’s hull; a hole must be drilled for installation. This typically offers the best depth measurement and fishfinding performance.// 800) {depth = 800;if (units == "f") {$("#transducerDepth").val(feet(depth));} else {$("#transducerDepth").val(depth);}}$("#transducerData").each(function() {x = $(this).find('td.coneAngle').text();x = x.substring(0,x.length-1);angle = parseFloat(x);if (units == "f") {$(this).find('td.beamwidth').text(feet(beamDiameter(depth, angle))+"ft");} else {$(this).find('td.beamwidth').text(beamDiameter(depth, angle)+"m");}});}function findOpposite(adjacent, angle) {return adjacent * (Math.tan(radians(angle/2)));}function radians(degrees) {return degrees *(pi/180);}function metres(feet) {return (feet*0.3048).toFixed(0);}function feet(metres) {return (metres*3.28084).toFixed(0);}function beamDiameter(depth, coneAngle) {return (findOpposite(depth, coneAngle)*2).toFixed(0);}getData();});// Calculate the beamwidth for this transducerB75HFrequencyCone AngleBeamwidth130 kHz9° 210 kHz15° Depth: feetmetres

Key Features

  • 130-210 kHz High CHIRP with 15-9° beam width
  • Up to 310 m (1000 ft) range with High CHIRP
  • 1 internal broadband ceramic
  • Thru-hull with bronze housing
  • Suitable for fiberglass and wood hulls
  • Ideal for sportfishing and commercial vessels up to 8 m (25 ft)
  • Available in 0°, 12°, or 20° tilted versions
  • Recommended for use with the BSM-3 broadband sounder module, SonarHub sounder module & Simrad NSS evo2 multifunction displays