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Stay connected with the Simrad RS90 modular VHF System with up to 6 station support Premium modular VHF Radio. Up to 6 Stations: 4 Wired handsets and 2 Wireless handsets. Works with HS35 Wireless Handset. Track Your Buddy feature with compatible Simrad MFDs. PA/Hailer Horn output with Record and Playback feature
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Reduce your risk of collision with this fully integrated, Class-B AIS transponder - essential for navigating today’s busy shipping lanes and congested ports. Compact in size, lightweight, fully waterproof, with low power draw and featuring multiple connections, the NAIS 500 is ideal for networking with any NSS, NSO, or GO series chartplotter / multifunction display and Simrad RS VHF system. Class-B approved. Send & receive. Integrated solution. Multiple networking connections. Waterproof. Lightweight. Low power consumption. Wide voltage range


See, hear and be heard with the RS35 VHF/AIS fixed mount radio. This premium VHF and AIS receiver solution allows users to communicate clearly on board and off. Class D DSC Approved. Dual Channel AIS Receiver. Ergonomic fist mic with built in speaker. HS35 Wireless Handset Option. Fully Waterproof. Position Poll, Track & Group Call. Dual/Tri Watch. Lat/Long Display. Loud And Clear Audio including 22 Watt Hailer with listenback. NMEA 0183® and NMEA 2000 Compatible. Advanced radio features including AIS plot...
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RS20 VHF Radio

Low-profile fixed mount 25 W DSC VHF Radio with NMEA 2000® compatibility. High visibility LCD with inverted night mode. Intuitive rotary and keypad controls. Four-button fist microphone. Class D DSC Approved. NMEA 2000® compatible. Dedicated Channel 16 keys. Tri-channel watch function. All international channels. Multiple scan modes. Easy bracket or flush-mount installation
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HH36 Handheld VHF Radio (USA & Canada)

A feature-packed handheld, Class D, DSC marine VHF radio loaded with the latest technology, including integrated GPS. Extra Large Display. Waterproof. Floats. Class D DSC. Integrated GPS. Dedicated Channels. Easy to use. Dual watch. Selectable transmit power. Long battery life. ‘Get Buddy’ feature. NMEA 0183. Navigation mode. Plotter mode
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NSPL-500 Antenna Splitter

Waterproof, lightweight and compact antenna splitter for VHF/AIS/FM use

HS35 Wireless Handset

Use your Simrad RS35 VHF/AIS Radio wherever you are on your boat, with the HS35 wireless handset. Wireless Control for RS35 VHF/AIS Radio. Intercom. Inductive Charging. 100m Range. Keypad Lock. Fully Waterproof
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