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Yamaha Engine Interface Cable for NMEA2000

SKU: 000-0120-37

Yamaha Engine Interface Cable

Product details

The 15-foot Yamaha Engine Interface cable allows Yamaha engines to connect directly to a Lowrance NMEA 2000 network without the need for the CommandLink Plus system. The interface cable comes with a NMEA 2000 network T-connector.

Key Features

Connects to Yamaha engines without Yamaha CommandLink Plus system.

  • -2006 & newer: F50, T50, F60, T60, F75, F90, F115, LF115, F150, LF150, F200, LF200, F225, F225, F250, LF250.
  • -2006 & newer: Z150, LZ150, VZ150, Z175, Z200, LZ200, VZ225, Z250, LZ250, VZ250, Z300, LZ300, VZ300.


  • Yamaha| 4-stroke 50-250| 2-stroke HDPI 150-350
  • RPM| Yes| Yes
  • Alternator Voltage| Yes| Yes
  • Engine Hours| Yes| Yes
  • Engine Temperature| Yes| Yes
  • Fuel Pressure| Yes| Yes
  • Fuel Rate| Yes| Yes
  • Oil Pressure| Yes| Yes
  • Trim *| Yes| Yes
  • Water Pressure| Yes| Yes
  • *Digital trim must be connected by a Yamaha dealer.
  • *Requires NMEA 2000 network. Kit includes T-connector to connect to a new or existing NMEA 2000 network. Add NMEA 2000 starter kit, part number 000-0124-69, if a network is not already installed.

What's in the box?

  • N2K-T-RD Network T-Connector