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QS80 Quick Stick Remote

SKU: 000-10184-001

The QS80 adds a joystick to your Simrad autopilot system, offering an easy way to control autopilot heading and status. The Quick Stick also offers the same Non Follow Up hand-steering as the NF80 remote, with the added benefit of a simple shortcut to automatically centre the rudder.

Product details

Dedicated Autopilot Control
Our steering remotes offer intuitive controls and a 1.7-inch display that can be used to make course, heading, rudder angle, or autopilot mode changes from anywhere on board. Adding a remote to your system can provide dedicated steering controls for your fully integrated autopilot system, complementing the touchscreen controls on your multifunction display. Remotes can also enable autopilot control from multiple stations: perfect for fly-bridges and other dual-helm setups.

Simple Joystick Rudder Control
Your Simrad autopilot not only keeps you on course, but lets you hand-steer from any autopilot station on board. The QS80 offers Non Follow Up steering, which puts you in direct control of your boat’s rudder. Move the spring-loaded joystick to port or starboard, and the rudder will begin to turn in the same direction. The rudder will continue to turn until the joystick is released, then hold its current angle until a new angle is set. A downwards pull on the joystick will return the rudder to its centre position, offering a quick and convenient way to exit a turn. The joystick can also be used to toggle instantly between auto and manual steering, without taking your hand from the controls.

Easy Installation
This wired remote can be mounted almost anywhere. A simple design allows flush-mount installation using the included accessories, or external mounting to a desktop or bulkhead via an optional mounting kit. The remote connects to your Simrad autopilot system via a single NMEA 2000® cable into your existing network, offering plug-and-play installation with no complex wiring required.

Key Features

  • Non Follow Up steering (rudder turns while the joystick is held to port or starboard)
  • Rudder stops at its current position when the joystick is released
  • Quickly and automatically centre the rudder while hand-steering
  • Switch seamlessly between autopilot and hand-steering via the joystick
  • Integrated 1.7-inch display enables remote autopilot control
  • Easy desktop/bulkhead or flush-mount installation
  • Simple plug-and-play NMEA 2000® connectivity

What's in the box?

  • N2K-T-RD Network T-Connector


Backlight Color
Display Resolution
128 x 64
Viewing Angles
6 o'clock
Compass Safe
0,4m (15,75")
Dimensions W x H x D
80 x 144 x 40mm (3,15 x 5,67 x 1,55")
Mounting Type
Flush, Bulkhead
0,4kg (0,88lbs)
Power Consumption max
Supply Voltage
12-16V via CAN
Operating Temperature Range
-25C to +55C (-13F to +131F)
Storage Temperature Range
-30C to +70C (-22F to +158F)
NMEA 2000 Connectivity
1x CAN Micro-C port, 1 LEN
Steering Modes
Non Follow Up (NFU), Auto, NoDrift, Nav
Keypad and joystick
Warranty Period
2 years