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StructureScan® 3D

High resolution three dimensional views beneath your vessel.

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High-Resolution 3D View Beneath the Water

With Simrad StructureScan® 3D see what lies beneath with high-resolution real-time 3D l images of underwater terrain and structure.

Anglers, divers and explorers alike can take advantage of 180-degree views of fish-holding structure, sunken ships and terrain features such as reefs and rocks up to 300 feet down and 600 feet off the sides with technology previously reserved for advanced research and military vessels.

Users can intuitively adjust the view and perspective beneath the vessel using preset virtual point-of-view angles or ScanTrack™ pan-tilt-rotate control mode allowing full click-and-drag 360-degree panoramic views.

Discover more underwater locations quickly with up to 600 feet port and starboard SideScan imaging. This gained perspective and unmatched clarity make distinguishing fish and other objects from terrain easier than ever.

How to use StructureScan™ 3D to find fish holding structure on a wreck.