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The gear you run makes all the difference



Customisable Simrad technology lets you create the perfect sportfishing system. Whether you're drifting over deep-sea spots or trawling for big game, there's a sonar solution that will help you see more and target better. The bird finding feature on our Halo™ radars and our crystal-clear displays will give you everything you need to find fish. All built tough and designed for ease of use with wet or gloved hands.

Large Flybridge

IS42 Digital Display RS90S VHF Radio with AIS AP44 Autopilot Controller NAC-3 Autopilot Computer SonicHub2 R509LH-W S5100 OP50 Remote Controller NSO evo3 19-inch Display NSS evo3 NSS evo3 Image Map

Popular Sportfishing Electronics

Pulse compression radar with 20-inch dome antenna, 36nm range, 60 RPM operation and VelocityTrack.
€2.299.00 Ex VAT