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Our Story - 75 Years of Innovation




97% of the earth’s water is in our oceans, and our oceans are in significant danger - seagrass is declining, coral is dying, and harmful algae…


Coming Soon: Biobase

Using technology to protect the environment Simrad® is committed to sustainable business practices and initiatives geared to protect…


Coming Soon: Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari

We support a range of research and conservation activities on board the team’s vessel, Dolphin Explorer. The collection of marine environmental…


Coming Soon: George Poveromo & Darrell Lowrance

When George, as a key influencer in the sportfishing tournament world, approached leading sponsor, the late Darrell Lowrance to exert pressure on…



What goes 50 knots, prefers to pierce waves rather than jump over them and provides a very dynamic platform to test the capabilities of marine electronics...

Sergio Davi

My first contact with the sea came when I was just six months old! I slipped overboard from my family’s boat…

Open Arms

Open Arms is a Spanish based NGO devoted to search and rescue in the Aegean and Central Mediterranean seas...

News and Videos


Nothing heard on VHF

How many times have you heard a VHF radio call where the message is weak or broken even if the boat is close by? Here are five cautionary tips…

Entering a bay

There is nothing more satisfying than dropping the hook in out of the way inlets, coves and alongside sheltered shorelines. But first you have to approach your intended anchorage safely.

Top tips to save fuel

There are some simple trips to save fuel on a passage. Very simply, the use of an autopilot will measurably save you fuel by managing your journey in terms of taking the most direct route, navigating…