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We work with some fantastic people and organisations who constantly push boundaries and strive to make a difference in the world. Whether exploring the limits of their equipment or working to make the world a better place, we support their endeavours by equipping them with the latest in marine electronics — extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Latest Partnerships

Zipwake and WhisperPower

Smart integration is what makes Simrad® displays so powerful. The ability to monitor and control all your on-board components in one place...

IRON Boats

IRON boats defy conventional description thanks to their innovative use of a rigid RIB-like collar...

Antonio de la Rosa

The Spanish extreme adventurer Antonio de la Rosa, is set to embark on his greatest challenge so far, conquering Antarctica alone. 


What goes 50 knots, prefers to pierce waves rather than jump over them and provides a very dynamic platform to test the capabilities of marine electronics...

Cambridge Pixel

Simrad® HALO24 pulse compression radars are being utilised to enhance the life-saving capabilities of the National Coastwatch Institution...


This renewed agreement supports Navico’s growth plans for their Simrad® brand within the UK.

Open Arms

Open Arms is a Spanish based NGO devoted to search and rescue in the Aegean and Central Mediterranean seas...