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Our authors share informative and inspirational stories that will motivate, challenge and get you out on the water. Whether you are searching for a new destination, looking for maintenance tips & tricks or guidance before venturing out onto the water, there is sure to be something to pique your interest.

Boating Superstition

There are many fast and hard rules for superstitions in the seafaring world. Die-hard sailors of yore would often refuse to the leave the dock...

Weather watch

Knowing the state of the weather and anticipating whether it is likely to change can make all the difference to your boating day.

Top tips to save fuel

There are some simple trips to save fuel on a passage. Very simply, the use of an autopilot will measurably save you fuel by managing your journey in terms of taking the most direct route, navigating…

Balancing your VHF radio’s squelch

“The only thing a witch cares about is squelching children.” So wrote children’s author, Roald Dahl. When it comes to marine VHF transceivers a key thing we care about is squelching background…

Satellite failure

What happens to my boat if I stop receiving GPS data? In the very rare event that the satellites of the GPS global positioning system fail or are taken offline, you’ll still be fine. Here are five useful tips…

Entering a bay

There is nothing more satisfying than dropping the hook in out of the way inlets, coves and alongside sheltered shorelines. But first you have to approach your intended anchorage safely.


Whether or not you plan any large passages, or do your boating locally, an autopilot enhances your time afloat.

About VHF Radios

A VHF radio is arguably the first piece of marine electronics you are always going to want on your boat. It is a highly recommended...

Safe swimming off your boat

There’s nothing nicer than heading out to an anchorage or remote river reach to take a cooling dip off your boat. Follow our top 10 tips for lots of overboard fun…

Preparing for night passages

Marine electronics have made night passages so much easier than ever before, but how should you prepare for cruising after the sun sets? Here are 10 top tips.

Nothing heard on VHF

How many times have you heard a VHF radio call where the message is weak or broken even if the boat is close by? Here are five cautionary tips…

Choosing the right boat

A boat can charm you with its looks or catch your attention with its price, but will it be right? It’s important not to get rushed or caught up in the excitement...

Winter Boating

Given the late start to the boating season for many in 2020, can you do anything to claw back extra weeks on the water?