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HALO Radar

HALO Radar delivers simplicity for safe navigation and finding productive fishing waters.

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NEW HALO 24 Radar

HALO 24 step-changes radar by introducing an almost real-time view, with never-before-seen 60 RPM operation at close range for the best in collision avoidance. Spot danger immediately with VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology, and enjoy coverage at both short and long range —up to 48 nautical miles—from our 24-inch dome antenna.

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Simrad Halo Radar uses solid-state pulse compression technology for superior target resolution of up to 72 nautical miles while also detecting objects much closer than conventional pulse radars – as close as six meters. Beam sharpening creates a more useful radar image with clear, easily identifiable targets.

Dual Range Operation

Dual range operation lets your radar function as two arrays in one to give near and far views of weather cells, vessels, and channel markers at the same time.

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The HALO Range

Pulse compression radar with 24-inch dome antenna, 48nm range, 60 RPM operation and VelocityTrack.