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Unleash the Power of Offshore Fishing with Simrad® Marine Electronics and the SiriusXM® WM-4 Weather Module


In the world of offshore angling, having the right gear can make all the difference between a successful expedition and a day of missed opportunities. Simrad marine electronics, in partnership with SiriusXM Marine, offers anglers a game-changing tool to step up their offshore fishing game with the SiriusXM WM-4 weather module. This innovative module, when paired with Simrad marine electronics, opens up a realm of benefits that can significantly enhance the fishing experience.

The SiriusXM WM-4 Weather Module: A Brief Overview


Up-to-Date Weather Overlay


One of the standout features of the SiriusXM WM-4 is its weather overlay. Imagine having access to weather updates directly on your chartplotter. This feature ensures that anglers are aware of the current weather conditions, helping them make informed decisions and stay safe while out at sea. It’s a great tool with numerous weather features that overlay up-to-date weather conditions, lightning, wind, marine zone reports, etc. right on your navigational charts.

Radar Without a Radar


The SiriusXM WM-4 provides the advantages of having a radar without the need for a physical on-board radar system. The SiriusXM Marine service shows the breadth and depth of storms with storm intensity and direction far beyond what traditional radar can provide. This not only saves space on your boat, but also offers a cost-effective solution for anglers looking to equip their vessels with advanced radar capabilities.

Game-Changing Fish Mapping


The true game-changer comes with the Fish Mapping service, which revolutionizes the way anglers locate and target fish. Here's a detailed look at the features included with Fish Mapping: 

Fish Mapping Features and Benefits


1. Fishing Recommendations

Save time and fuel by accessing locations recommended by oceanographers based on ideal conditions for specific game fish.


2. Weed Lines

Locate concentrations of floating algae/plants, creating habitats for bait fish and attracting larger game fish.


3. Sea Surface Height Anomaly

Identify locations with different sea surface heights, indicating fronts, eddies, upwellings, and downwellings.


4. Historical Data (available only on the Fish Mapping App)

View fishing features for the current day and the past 7 days to track changes in ocean conditions.


5. Plankton Front Strength

Identify where nutrient-rich water favorable for bait fish occurs. Strong plankton fronts indicate areas with a higher likelihood of game fish feeding activity.


6. Sea Surface Temperature Front Strength

Steep temperature changes concentrate nutrients which attract bait fish and also create barriers to fish movement. The location of strong and very strong fronts are good places to find game fish.

Find Fish Faster with SiriusXM and WM-4

Compatibility and Integration

The SiriusXM WM-4 seamlessly integrates with Simrad marine electronics, including NSS evo3, NSS evo3S, NSO evo3, and NSO evo3S.

Unlocking Features


It's important to note that a SiriusXM Marine subscription is required to unlock the full range of features mentioned, ensuring users get the most out of their investment in the SiriusXM WM-4.


Elevate your offshore fishing game with the perfect combination of Simrad marine electronics and the SiriusXM WM-4 weather module. When paired with the Simrad HALO 3000 open array radar for bird finding and sonar for fish finding, the SiriusXM WM-4 adds essential tools to your fishing arsenal. With up-to-date weather, radar capabilities, and innovative Fish Mapping features, you can navigate the seas confidently, pinpoint hot spots, and enhance your chances of a successful catch. Upgrade to top-tier gear and transform your offshore fishing experience.

Save $300 on SiriusXM and WM-4

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