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Sonar Imaging

Complete your ultimate fish-finding system, by getting an entirely new view under the water with our range of imaging transducers. With higher resolution transducers see near picture like views under the water. Don’t think it is a fish, know it.

Active Imaging™ sonar

See structure and cover with a new level of refined detail and at a range unmatched by any other structure imaging technology with Active Imaging™ sonar. The high-level clarity, target separation and detail of Active Imaging makes it easier to quickly identify fish-holding structure like rock piles, standing timber, weed beds, ditches and drop-offs – all at a greater distance from your boat.


StructureScan 3D

StructureScan 3D imaging scans underwater terrain 
and fish-holding structure to create a high-resolution, three-dimensional view beneath the water. The view offered by StructureScan 3D is like a virtual underwater camera and show where features lie in relation to your vessel.



This forward-looking sonar provides a clear two-dimensional image of the bottom in front of your vessel, allowing you to navigate shallow or poorly-charted waters with a greater degree of safety.


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