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Service- och Supportprogrammet

When you choose a product from Simrad Yachting, you are automatically protected by a standard service and support program.

Our Service & Support program aims to provide the best possible experience with Simrad Yachting products, even on occasions when support or replacement is required.

Choosing to have your system installed by a Certified Dealer adds 2 Year Onboard Support to your support package. This is available only on systems installed by a Certified Dealer and valued at over US$2500*

2 Year Warranty

Receive comprehensive warranty service for your products for two years after purchase*.

Extended Warranty

Purchase up to three years of additional coverage*, for a total warranty of up to five years. Extension is available during the original warranty period as determined in the sole discretion of the manufacturer.
*Certified vessels can also purchase extended onboard support.

5 Year Upgrade

In the event of a product failure within the first five years after purchase, you will be guaranteed the option to upgrade to current-model technology at a discounted price.

Global Service Network

True global warranty supported by a network of regional Navico hubs and Certified Dealers*

2 Year Onboard Support

Receive warranty service on board your vessel for two years after purchase. Available on systems installed by a Certified Dealer and valued at over US$2500*.