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Take your experience to a whole new level with NSX™

Whether you are still researching NSX™ or have recently purchased, we have a wealth of content to help you get the most out of your device. These useful ‘Quick Tips’ / ‘How To’ videos will help you get up to speed in no time!

Getting Started

NSX Which cable goes where?

Sean explains the plugs and connections and how to set up the NSX™ to operate properly.

NSX Software Updates

The latest Software updates for NSX™ can be installed by simply connecting to a hotspot...

Using NSX

NSX User Interface

A new modern, clear user interface. Learn about the Apps on your device, new feature activities bar and more...

NSX Man Overboard Feature

The Man Overboard function on NSX™ allows easier access and better display of information in order to return to the MOB location quicker and easier.

NSX Tides App

The Tides App on NSX™ will give you solar, lunar, current and tide information to help you plan your day on the water.

NSX Instrument Bar

Within the Sidebar, data can be manipulated to provide multiple pieces of digital information, which can be added to the side of any screen.

NSX Instrument App Guide

A walkthrough of the Instrument App feature on the NSX™ demonstrating how custom gauge page layouts can be built using any format - digital, analogue or graphical.

Charts & Navigation

The NSX Navigation Experience

Explore C-Map Reveal X and Discover X to get the most from your device...

NSX Routes and Autorouting

The Routing features on NSX™ cover both manual and our fastest ever Autorouting function.

NSX Routes and Autorouting Guide

Sean gives us an in-depth explanation of all the Routing features...

The NSX Charting Experience

Bring navigation to life with C-Map on your new NSX device. Find out how to chart a course, enable features and more...

NSX Tracks App Guide

The Tracks App is a breadcrumb trail that shows you where you've been with information about what day and time, and you can even create a route from it.

NSX Waypoints Guide

A walkthrough of Waypoint features on NSX™ explaining how to add and edit waypoints, the waypoint library and how to manipulate the data.


The NSX Sonar Experience

Understand how to configure sonar on your device whilst dockside or on the water to enable full use of all features.

NSX Sonar Configuration

Simple to set up and easy to manage using our new Setup Wizard, our new NSX™ makes life on the water more effortless than ever before!

NSX DownScan Guide

DownScan provides high-resolution imagery of the ocean floor. Sean explains how to set it up properly...

NSX Sounder/Echo App Guide

Adding a Sounder (transducer) to the NSX™ adds the ability to watch for shallow water and support other activities like fishing and diving.

NSX SideScan Guide

SideScan provides high-resolution views left and right of the boat, both in the water column and the ocean floor.


NSX Radar Setup & Operation

A walkthrough of how to set up Radar with the NSX™ and how to view and manage the data.

NSX Radar Settings & Features

Get the most from your radar by understanding all the settings and features...

NSX Radar Screen View & Usage

Source selection, use two sources simultaneously, zoom in and out, learn about radar range and more!


Hear from our partners - Axopar

Jan-Erik Viitala, Founding Partner of Axopar Boats, talks about how the NSX™ product range with its new operating system helps push the envelope of technology and user experience...

Hear from our partners - Rebel Marine

Mathew Randall, MD at Rebel Marine, explains how the NSX™ product features support a mixture of marine activities across their fleet of RIBS, work- and safety boats.

Hear from our partners - Into The Blue

Sean talks to Captains Scott Walker and Steve Rodger from Into The Blue about highlights of the NSX™ and what makes it so different—covering the new design, sharing and syncing information...

Check back regularly for more helpful tips to ensure you get the best from your NSX™