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Venture beyond the horizon

Reliable equipment

Equip your vessel

Essential Power Boater Equipment

Ultimate Control & Easy-to-Use

Simrad glass bridge systems provide total control with intuitive multi-touch displays, and dedicated controllers for rougher conditions.

Build out the perfect system with a modular approach, adding radar, navigation, sonar and navigation components, all surfaced on beautiful flush mount displays, designed to improve the aesthetics of your bridge.

Upgrade your system with an Autopilot

With over 60 years of autopilot design and development you can be confident when leaving the wharf that you will arrive safely at your destination. Like a trusted extra crewmember always ready to take the helm, Simrad autopilot solutions free your hands from the wheel so you can relax and easily operate other instruments while underway. 

See and be seen

Raising your situational awareness in unknown waters and busy harbours reduces the risk to your vessel. Forward-looking sonar technology provides real-time imaging of what lies ahead of the boat to avoid running aground in poorly-charted waters. Adding AIS allows you to see and be seen by other vessels by exchanging navigational data, essential for busy ports and harbours. Radar highlights both navigation hazards and weather cells.