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Our Story - 75 Years of Innovation



The range of a radar is very much like a marine VHF. Its transmissions must be 'line of sight' where the radar antenna and target...



97% of the earth’s water is in our oceans, and our oceans are in significant danger - seagrass is declining, coral is dying, and harmful algae…

Cantieri Nautici Vizianello

Simrad Yachting and Venetian-boat builder Cantieri Nautici Vizianello have collaborated on innovation to create a new generation of water taxi that promises to revolutionise transport in the city of Venice...


Coming Soon: Biobase

Using technology to protect the environment Simrad® is committed to sustainable business practices and initiatives geared to protect…


IRON Boats

IRON boats defy conventional description thanks to their innovative use of a rigid RIB-like collar...


What goes 50 knots, prefers to pierce waves rather than jump over them and provides a very dynamic platform to test the capabilities of marine electronics...

Cambridge Pixel

Simrad® HALO24 pulse compression radars are being utilised to enhance the life-saving capabilities of the National Coastwatch Institution...

News and Videos

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Here's a list of currently scheduled headline events from around the world. Please check that they are running before finalizing your plans to attend.


Weather watch

Knowing the state of the weather and anticipating whether it is likely to change can make all the difference to your boating day.