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Change is part of our DNA as is our passion for the seas. These ingredients have kept us at the forefront of marine technology developments for more than 70 years. From pioneering solutions in marine radio and autopilots, revolutionary advances in radar, to our industry-leading integration solutions of today, we are always considering what comes next.

SOG versus STW

Why doesn't my satellite navigation speed match my boat's log speed? A good question with more than one answer.

Understanding Sonar

Sonar plays an invaluable role on your boat to let you 'see' beneath the water's surface. The term 'sonar' is an acronym for...

Understanding and using XTE

Cross-track error (XTE) is an essential at-a-glance indication of your distance to port or starboard of your intended straight track between two waypoints...

Your Extra Pair of Eyes

The Simrad® Halo® Dome range of pulse compression radars has recently received a series of great enhancements to its already comprehensive set of collision avoidance tools...


The range of a radar is very much like a marine VHF. Its transmissions must be 'line of sight' where the radar antenna and target...

Building confidence

A well-tuned, modern autopilot can help across a wide range of weather conditions, be it negotiating awkward sea states or poor visibility.

The Sonar Collective

A social revolution among thousands of boat owners around the globe is improving the detail we can access with regard to the shape…