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Innovative Seamless Integration

The Information Display

Seamless, full-dash solution with powerful and configurable integration

Each solution combines a sleek design with a configurable interface that simplifies monitoring and control of all systems onboard - all with a look and feel that is as unique as the vessel itself.

Creating the ultimate boating experience

A new advanced configurable graphical user interface acts as the heart of the information display.

Presenting the information boaters need, when they need it, the experience-based software features pre-defined contextual modes that display all relevant data for the current boating situation.

Pre-defined user modes

Custom modes can also be easily configured to builder specifications to best accentuate the utility of an individual vessel or to complement any boater’s passions.


Get ready for your next day on the water. Prepare mode makes the manual process of checking all the systems in your boat easy with digital switches and level indicators.


Too much data clutters up the screen while cruising. With Cruise mode, you get only the critical data on your screen, letting you focus on the information that really matters.


Anchoring can be stressful, with relevant controls and alarms located in non-logical places. Anchor mode gives you peace of mind, bringing the most relevant controls and alarms together in a full page audio screen

Water Sports

Keep an eye on the skier while navigating with Water Sports mode, by integrating a rear view camera display on your screen together with the most relevant charts.