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MI10 Dual Micro-SD Card Reader

SKU: 000-13892-001

The MI10 Chart Card Reader provides dual microSD card slots for use with Simrad NSO evo2 marine processors and B&G Zeus² Glass Helm CPUs. This easy-to-install, waterproof card reader can be mounted in easy reach, eliminating the need to physically access your system’s “black box” processor when installing or removing chart cards.

Dedicated Sailing Features for cruising and racing

Take advantage of B&G’s award winning sailing features on Zeus³’s large screen displays to make the most of your time on the water.



Know exactly what’s going on in your surroundings with B&G’s award-winning SailSteer page. One easy-to-read screen gives you all the information you need at a glance - wind, boat speed, tide, heading, course over ground, layline and waypoint information, all on one intuitive data display.


Win more with Race Panel - take advantage of features previously enjoyed only by pro navigators. The start line screen shows a graphical representation of the start with laylines, tide, time and distance to line information always visible. Use the powerful Look Ahead feature to call for a gybe set or sail change long before your competitors have even noticed that the wind has shifted.
Navionics SailSteer Overlay Chart2_EMEA copy.jpg_11717.jpg


Optimise your time sailing upwind with B&G’s layline technology. Laylines calculates the best time to tack on an upwind leg, ensuring you tack in the right place every time. Zeus3 Glass Helm calculates the effects of tide on laylines and displays historical wind shift information to give you the information you need to get to the waypoint as quickly as possible.
Navionics Chart with SailSteer page_EMEA.jpg_11716.jpg


Plan effectively with SailingTime. Our chartplotters calculate time and distance remaining to a waypoint - even when you’re sailing upwind. See the time remaining on each tack until you reach the waypoint, and identify the quickest way to get to your destination.

Easy to expand your network

Make Zeus³ Glass Helm even more capable by adding to your onboard network, and benefit from:


H5000 and WTP3 control

Network with H5000 and WTP3 instruments to take full control of your on board data. Manage setup and calibration from your Zeus3 Glass Helm displays, and benefit from the accuracy and insights offered by the world’s best sailing instruments.


Avoid dangerous waters and seabed features with ease by adding ForwardScan, for a real-time two-dimensional view of the seabed in front of your vessel. Navigate into shallow anchorages and poorly charted areas with an easy mind and know what lies ahead with confidence with user-defined alarms and safety depths.


Add a SonicHub to take control of your onboard entertainment from your Zeus3 Glass Helm display. With integrated Bluetooth, stream music from your smartphone or tablet, or listen to music on a USB drive or AM/FM radio. Control everything including volume and individual zones from your chartplotter display.

Add Radar

Add our award-winning Radars to guide you through crowded harbours, poor visibility and across busy shipping lanes, or to keep an eye on distant weather and rain when sailing offshore.  Zeus3 Glass Helm is compatible with Broadband and HALO radars and allows you to overlay radar data on charts for ultimate peace of mind.


Broadband 4G™ radar

Add Broadband 4G™ radar to your Zeus3 Glass Helm: 4G offers excellent range and performance, detecting targets up to 36 nautical miles away. Take advantage of Dual Range operation to monitor two distance ranges on your display at once. High-speed operation, available at close range is perfect for collision avoidance during close manoeuvres.

HALO Radar

Add our award-winning Halo™ Radar to deliver an unprecedented mix of long and short detection range, with precise target definition and minimal clutter. Quick start-up and maximum ocean-going reliability ensure you have coverage when you need it, while low-power pulsed transmissions mean Halo Radar is even safe to run in anchorages and marinas.

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Dual microSD card slots
  • Compatible with Simrad NSO evo2 marine processors and B&G Zeus² Glass Helm CPUs
  • Waterproof design
  • Integrated USB cable


Dimensions W x H x D
58.6 mm x 58.6 mm x 73 mm (2.3" x 2.3" x 2.68 ")