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IS35 Digital Gauge

SKU: 000-13334-001

Bright, clear, and easily visible day or night, the IS35 offers a smart interface to engine data, fuel efficiency, depth history and more. This digital gauge automatically displays the most relevant information available from your boat’s on-board electronics, and can be easily retrofit in place of a standard analogue gauge.

Product details

Clear Views of Key Data
The IS35 features a bright and clear 3.5-inch colour display. Its day mode offers high brightness and contrast for use in full sunlight, while night mode offers more subtle red-tinted illumination for use in low-light conditions. An optically bonded LCD means no internal condensation or ‘fogging’, whatever the conditions. Data is displayed on the IS35 as a series of page’, with pre-set pages for engine monitoring, fuel economy, cruising, steering, and depth history. A simple four-button interface makes it easy to switch between pages, change display brightness to reflect the conditions, and modify other settings on the go.

Information Tailored to Your Boat
When connected to the NMEA 2000® network aboard your boat, the IS35 automatically detects other connected equipment including NMEA 2000® compatible engines, engine and fuel sensors, GPS receivers, depth transducers, and much more. The most relevant information is automatically displayed on the IS35’s pre-set pages. If you want a little more control, you’re free to customise those pages to display your choice of information from any compatible device on board. You can even create your own pages, with your choice of numeric or graphical displays, to perfectly suit any vessel and application.

Easy to Install or Retrofit
The IS35 is designed to fit standard 85 mm (3 3/8-inch) circular cut-outs to enable direct replacement of traditional analogue speed or RPM gauges. A low eight-millimetre surface mount profile seamlessly matches our glass bridge displays, and the IS35 can also be flush-mounted using an optional bracket. There’s just one NMEA 2000® cable to connect to your system, no separate power supply required.

Key Features

  • Bright, optically bonded 3.5-inch colour display
  • Easily switch between multiple pages of information
  • Auto-configuration displays data relevant to your boat
  • Monitor up to two NMEA 2000® connected engines
  • Pre-set pages for engine monitoring, fuel economy, cruising, steering, and depth history
  • Easy to install and configure

What's in the box?

  • IS35 Sun Cover