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Simrad Yachting 75 Years of Marine Excellence


Out on the water, the gear you run could make all the difference.

With our high-performance products proven in the harshest of environments, Simrad® will get you there like no one else. We give you a comprehensive portfolio of precise and responsive technology for a complete experience - our SolarMAX™ IPS high-definition displays and multi-touch technology, delivering the perfect hybrid of glass-bridge touchscreen and conventional all-weather controls; system expansion options with Simrad® modules and accessories; advanced fish-finding tools such as deepwater S5100, Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 and TotalScan™; increased situational awareness with legendary HALO® Pulse Compression radar, and automated control with fully integrated Simrad® autopilots.


With a rich history spanning back to 1946, Simrad® has become the brand of choice for a broad range of demanding customers – from explorers and adventurers to premium yacht builders, charter captains and more. Our range covers recreational vessels of all sizes, from small runabouts and sportfishing boats to luxury cruisers and superyachts. Our commercial ranges serve the light commercial marine segments such as search and rescue, commercial fishing, passenger, workboats, and short sea/cargo vessels.


We have the expertise to develop solutions ranging from plug and play simplicity to custom solutions for mega yachts. Powerful technology, integrated systems, a connected world. The right technology. For you.