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Entry sensor kit

SKU: 000-12629-001

The entry sensor is easy to connect to your boat and will alert you if your door or hatch is opened. It should be mounted to any hatch or door opening. The settings are available in the BoatConnect app. All security sensors come with a 10m cable for connection to the BoatConnect hub.
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Stay connected to your boat

Location Tracking

It's time to stop worrying about your boat. With BoatConnect you can keep track of your boat's location. Is someone else taking a trip on your boat? Now you can see if they arrived safely at the destination just by checking the app.

Movement Alerts

BoatConnect tracks the location of your boat and sends you notifications if it crosses the boundaries of a designated area or if it drifts from its anchoring position. This feature comes in handy in the unlikely case of theft because it helps you find your boat.

Battery Status

A low battery can end a trip before it even begins. The remote battery check option of the BoatConnect app allows for planning ahead. You can now check your phone, before a trip starts, to see if the battery has enough power to run on-board systems and appliances.

Live Weather

You are one tap away from knowing the weather status at your boat's location. Stay informed and take the right action.

Trip History

With the BoatConnect app, it's easy to keep track of your boat's recent travel locations.

Complete your connected experience...

In addition to the standard BoatConnect package, our service supports 3 additional sensors that will inform you if things are not running as they should.

The entry sensor will let you know if your door or hatch has been opened, the temperature sensor notifies you about unusual or extreme temperature conditions, and the water sensor will detect a high water level before it becomes a problem.

These sensors add to your peace of mind, are easy to install and can be monitored on the app.

It's quick and easy to get started

Install the BoatConnect hub*

Download the BoatConnect app

Connect to your boat

*The BoatConnect hub connects to your boat’s battery. Additional battery charging is strongly recommended.
BoatConnect works across North America using the AT&T network to provide excellent 3G and 4G coverage.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Get notified when a hatch is opened
  • Enjoy additional security