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Get the clearest picture of your surroundings for safe navigation

Equip your boat

Award Winning Radar

See Near and Far

Whether you are fishing offshore or blue water cruising in at night or through fog, you’ll be glad of the extra visibility a radar gives you. Receive a crystal clear image of hazards and weather cells at up to 72 nautical miles.


The revolutionary Simrad Halo™ radar makes it easier than ever to navigate safely, keep an eye on the weather, and find flocks of birds that mark the best waters to fish. Solid-state Pulse Compression technology lets you see both near and far at the same time, on a single screen, from a single Halo™ radar array.


Enjoy a crystal clear image, right up to the bow of your boat, with our incredible Broadband Radar. Solid state technology does away with the traditional magnetron and instead offers lower emissions than a mobile phone, making these systems safe to mount anywhere, on any size boat.