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Accurate and reliable control over your heading without years of experience at the helm

Build your autopilot system

There are a number of components that make up an autopilot system, but if you approach it in the right order, it’s straight forward. A lot of the choices are made for you based on the type of steering system you have on your boat. Start by understanding what type of steering you have, then work through the drive selection process, this will in turn select the right computer for you and help you understand if you need a rudder feedback unit, then you can you can select the controller and any additional accessories you may need.

Our Autopilot Buyers Guide will help you through the process of selecting the right system for your vessel, download your copy here.

Drive Unit

An autopilot drive unit translates instructions from your autopilot system into movements of your rudder or outboard. The drive unit you’ll need depends on the type of steering system you have and the size of your boat. Is your steering system hydraulic or mechanical?

Rudder Feedback Units

Rudder feedback units are small sensors that measure and report rudder position, enabling precise rudder control for smooth and accurate steering. On smaller boats, Virtual Rudder Feedback (VRF) eliminates the need to install a physical sensor by using a software-based approach to calculate rudder position.

Autopilot Computer

An autopilot computer is the brains of your Simrad Continuum autopilot system. It continuously monitors data from compasses, rudder feedback units and other on-board instruments, and steers to your chosen heading or course. An autopilot computer also includes the electronics required to operate your drive unit.

Autopilot Controllers

Controllers provide a status display and a hands-on interface to your autopilot system, allowing you to set a course or use more advanced auto-steering features. Choose from a dedicated controller or control your autopilot system using a Simrad multifunction display.


Compasses: to set and hold a course, your autopilot needs to know your current heading. This is supplied by a position sensor – an electronic compass – below deck.

Remote Controllers

Our autopilot remotes can be combined with a multifunction display at the helm to add traditional hands-on steering control, or mounted elsewhere aboard your vessel to provide autopilot heading control from a fly bridge or other convenient location.

Tillerpilots for Sailboats

Simrad TP10, TP22 and TP32 tillerpilots offer reliable, standalone performance for sailboats with tillers up to 37ft.

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