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Our Story - 75 Years of Innovation


Understanding and using XTE

Cross-track error (XTE) is an essential at-a-glance indication of your distance to port or starboard of your intended straight track between two waypoints...

Your Extra Pair of Eyes

The Simrad® Halo® Dome range of pulse compression radars has recently received a series of great enhancements to its already comprehensive set of collision avoidance tools...


The range of a radar is very much like a marine VHF. Its transmissions must be 'line of sight' where the radar antenna and target...



97% of the earth’s water is in our oceans, and our oceans are in significant danger - seagrass is declining, coral is dying, and harmful algae…

Cantieri Nautici Vizianello

Simrad Yachting and Venetian-boat builder Cantieri Nautici Vizianello have collaborated on innovation to create a new generation of water taxi that promises to revolutionise transport in the city of Venice...


IRON Boats

IRON boats defy conventional description thanks to their innovative use of a rigid RIB-like collar...


What goes 50 knots, prefers to pierce waves rather than jump over them and provides a very dynamic platform to test the capabilities of marine electronics...

News and Videos


Boating Superstition

There are many fast and hard rules for superstitions in the seafaring world. Die-hard sailors of yore would often refuse to the leave the dock...

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