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Simrad Coastal Powerboating System

Whatever your activity, we have the ideal setup for you. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of precision technology solutions for a complete experience.

Simrad Yachting 75 Years of Marine Excellence

Out on the water, the gear you run could make all the difference. With our high-performance products proven in the harshest of environments…

Simrad Coastal Sportfishing System

Customisable Simrad technology lets you create the perfect sportfishing system. Whether you’re drifting over deep-sea spots or trawling for big game, there’s a variety of technology solutions...

What’s new with NSSevo3S™

Our new NSSevo3S works faster, smoother and better than ever before. Join us on board as Captain Nate shows how much it has improved.

Walkthrough with the NEW NSSevo3S™

Join us on board as Sean Edmunds explains why the NSS family is the most versatile product on the water today.

Simrad NSS evo3S™ | The Best Just Got Better.

NSSevo3S gives you total control - state of the art processing power, delivered by the new iMX 8 high-performance processor…

Introducing the Simrad NSO evo3S

Introducing the NEW Simrad NSO evo3S. Super-fast functionality, like never before...

Simrad® HALO™ 20+ Radar: Sydney

Our feature-packed HALO pulse compression dome radars. Join us on board in and around Sydney harbour.

Simrad HALO24 - The World's First 60RPM Dome Radar

New HALO24 Radar delivers best-in-class range with an almost real-time for safe navigation and finding productive fishing waters.

StructureScan® 3D - How to Fish a Wreck

Learn how to use Simrad StructureScan 3D to find fish holding structure on a wreck.

Simrad Halo Radar Bird Mode is Almost Like Cheating

George Poveromo puts Simrad Halo Bird Mode to the test.