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Simrad Yachting Partner with Sergio Davì for his New Transoceanic RIB Adventure


The 2021 expedition will see Sergio travel from Palermo to Los Angeles and his Simrad® equipment will be paramount to his success!

Egersund, Norway

We are pleased to announce our continued partnership with Sergio Davì, the 65-year-old professional skipper and president CiuriCiuriMare (CCM), a company dedicated to extreme adventure in RIBs.

On October 2nd 2020, at the start of the sixtieth edition of Genoa Boat Show, Sergio Davì announced his next adventure at an exclusive press preview. His new challenge, the Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure is planned for the autumn/winter of 2021/2022 and will see him travel over 10,000 nautical miles from Palermo in Italy to Los Angeles, California.

An expert in oceanic navigation, Davì has completed many adventures on the oceans, most recently with the Ice RIB Challenge in 2019, which saw him travel 7,000 nautical miles from Palermo to New York. “Challenges of this scale demand profound mental and physical strength, but they also depend on having the right equipment on board,” said Davì. “It would not be possible for me even to contemplate the challenges that I undertake without the partnerships I have.”

Sergio Davì will rely on his Simrad® kit to help him navigate this 10,000 nautical mile challenge safely. "We are extremely proud that we can enable extraordinary people taking on extraordinary challenges like this," said James Methven, Global Head of Brand for Simrad Yachting. ''Our kit was on board for Sergio's last adventure, and we are excited to be selected once again as his electronics partner of choice."

Davì will take on the Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure onboard a 10m Nuova Jolly rigid inflatable boat (RIB), powered by a pair of Suzuki outboards. The route for his latest challenge has some similarities to his previous 2017 Palermo to Brazil challenge and will see Davì tackle another demanding Atlantic Ocean crossing. With scheduled stopovers in Venezuela and Colombia, Davì will then sail along the Panama Canal towards the Pacific Ocean, with a passage by Galapagos Archipelago before continuing towards Mexico and California.

Davì and his team estimate that the Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure will take about 100 days, of which approximately 25 will be at sea. The longest leg of the journey will be between Cape Verde and Barbados, exceeding 2,000 nautical miles. This section of the trip will be a record within a record! We are right at the beginning of this exciting challenge, so stay tuned as we follow Sergio and his team as they prepare for the Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure.