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Reduce your risk of collision with this fully integrated, Class-B AIS transponder - essential for navigating today’s busy shipping lanes and congested ports. Compact in size, lightweight, fully waterproof, with low power draw and featuring multiple connections, the NAIS 500 is ideal for networking with any NSS, NSO, or GO series chartplotter / multifunction display and Simrad RS VHF system.
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Low-profile fixed mount 25-Watt DSC VHF Radio with NMEA 2000® compatibility.
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Stay Safe While on the Water

Whether fixed, mounted or handheld, VHF radios are one of the most important communication and safety devices for boaters. From simple vessel-to-vessel or vessel-to-shore communications to calling out or responding to on-the-water emergencies, VHF radios deliver peace of mind while on the water.  

VHF Radios for Any Boat

The Simrad HH36 handheld VHF Radio is fully waterproof and buoyant for emergency situations. This small ergonomic radio fits squarely in the palm of your hand and features a loud speaker for clear communication in noisy environments. With built-in GPS receiver and a large, clear LCD display, the HH36 provides the basic needs for boaters and anglers.

More Than Just a Radio

Expand your VHF Radio capabilities with Simrad RS90 VHF/AIS Radio. This versatile radio serves many functions, including as an intercom, AIS receiver, PA/hailer and foghorn. Expandable with four wired receivers and two wireless handsets, the RS90 means you will never be out of reach.


Accessories and spares for your Simrad VHF

We stock spare parts and accessories for our VHF radios, from mic clips to antennas

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