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Fishfinders / Chartplotters

Customize and combine sounder views, charts, and other pages to see exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Popular Fishfinder / Chartplotter equipment

NSO evo3

NSO evo3 puts you in total control of your on-board electronics through intuitive touchscreen controls. A stunning Full HD display, available in 16, 19 or 24-inch widescreen sizes, lets you see more than ever, while an integrated high-performance processor ensures a swift response to your every command. NSO evo3 gives you whatever you need to enable and enhance your favorite on-water activities.

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NSO evo2

Build a tailored, multi-display system that is perfect for you and your boat with the modular NSO evo2 systems. The NSO evo2 marine processor is a compact ‘black box’ solution, containing two quad-core processors and the connectivity options needed to integrate and expand your system vessel-wide. Customize it the way you want.

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NSS evo3

Navigate, find fish, and take total control of your on-water experience with NSS evo3. SolarMAX™ HD displays offer exceptional clarity and ultra-wide viewing angles in any light conditions, while intuitive all-weather touchscreen technology and a keypad with rotary dial offer total control in any conditions. Built-in echosounder support lets you cruise confidently with ForwardScan sonar, or reveal the ultimate fishing spots with StructureScan® HD imaging and CHIRP-enabled sonar—just add your choice of transducer.

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GO Series

Simrad GO series displays are a perfect addition to smaller sportboats, dayboats, and center-consoles. Behind every super-bright GO series touchscreen lies a built-in GPS receiver, echosounder, wireless connectivity, and industry standard NMEA 2000® networking. Navigate, connect with mobile devices, control accessories like your on-board sound system, and choose from an array of built-in sonar support to cruise with confidence or fish like a pro.

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S2009 Fish Finder

Enthusiast and pro anglers will love S2009 Fish Finder. Perfect for offshore sportfishing, center consoles and boats with limited dash space, this dedicated fish finder combines CHIRP-enabled sonar with a 9-inch portrait display for maximum vertical detail, and intuitive keypad-driven operation for reliable control in all conditions.

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S2016 Fish Finder

Perfect for experienced and pro anglers, S2016 Fish Finder is ideal for offshore sportfishing and larger powerboats. The S2016 offers a combination of excellent vertical detail and a lengthy on-screen echosounder history, with a high-definition 16-inch widescreen display. An HDMI output lets you mirror the built-in screen on a secondary display, delivering echosounder visibility at a second station without a second fish finder.

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