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The Indestructible Sounder

A true story bought to you by boatie 'Mathew Carter' whose Simrad sounder was underwater for 5 days and still worked afterwards.

Most Memorable Fishing Day

Gina Cleaver shares her memorable fishing experience during the Easter weekend. She and her team were able to land a mammothy 2.7mtr sword fish.

Tuna Time

Chloe Laurence gives top tips on how to catch large bluefin and yellowfin tuna in NSW. Improve your success rate when chasing tuna by following her suggestions.

Sydney's Summer Options

As the water heats up, so does the fishing off Sydney. Here’s some advice from Simrad pro-teamers Tom and Chloe Laurence on your summer options out of Australia’s biggest city.

Kingie Q&A with Mike Bonnici

We sat down with kingfish conqueror Mike Bonnici to talk tactics and how he uses his NSS evo3 equipped Sea Devil to find more fish than most.

Interpreting Billfish and Bait

After getting stuck into the recent early run of juvenile black marlin off Hervey Bay, Dane Radosevic reflects on how he interprets billfish and bait on his S2009 sounder.