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The S5100 produces big, crisp arches with clear target separation.

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Popular S5100 Options

Dedicated fish finder with integrated CHIRP-enabled sounder and 9-inch portrait display.

Dedicated fish finder with integrated CHIRP-enabled sounder and 16-inch widescreen display.

See the Entire Water Column

Whether searching deep for swordfish, mid-range bait balls or wrecks holding big snapper, the Simrad S5100 Sounder upgrades your fish-finding ability. This high performance CHIRP sonar module features three fully independent sonar channels, delivering high-resolution images of true simultaneous coverage of up to three different depth ranges without losing bottom depth tracking.

Noise-Free Clarity

Using frequency-swept CHIRP sonar pulses, the S5100 outperforms traditional single-frequency sonar for a super clear picture of the entire water column. The CHIRP technology, and advanced powerful processing provide no mid-water noise or clutter. This gives you the greatest representation of the entire water column revealing more fish and easily identify thermoclines.

Wider Angles and Compatibility

Compatible with Airmar wide-angle CHIRP series of transducers, the S5100 provides enhanced coverage of the upper water column. Anglers searching for shallow or mid-range fish will benefit from the wide angle coverage with the expanded beam angles that allows for quick fish finding and eliminates unproductive waters.

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