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NEP-2 Network Expansion Port

SKU: 000-10029-001

The NEP-2 provides five Ethernet ports to expand your system with additional displays and accessories. Connect multiple on-board displays to share charts, waypoints, routes, and built-in sonar features. Connect Ethernet-enabled accessories—such as sonar modules and radar systems—for easy access to those accessories from any display on board.

Product details

Simrad displays use high-speed Ethernet connectivity to share charts, waypoints, and routes. Accessories such as sonar modules and radar systems also connect to this network, giving you access to those accessories from any compatible display on board. The NEP-2 is a compact network switch featuring five Ethernet ports, enabling you to connect more displays and accessories to your system. Unlike standard Ethernet switches, the NEP-2 features a water-resistant casing and connectors suitable for marine conditions. The switch can be powered from your boat’s 12 or 24-volt supply, with no separate power adapter required.

Key Features

  • Five Ethernet ports for displays and accessories
  • Simple plug-and-play connection, no configuration required
  • Water-resistant design for marine use
  • Runs on 12 or 24-volts, no separate power adapter required

What's in the box?

  • Power Cable, 4-Pin