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Sonars and Transducers

Know what lies beneath

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Popular sonar equipment

S5100 Sounder with CHIRP

High-performance CHIRP sonar module featuring three fully independent channels. Three fully independent sonar channels. High-resolution, noise-free clarity at all depth ranges. Combine any three CHIRP frequency ranges to target multiple depths. Compatible with wide-angle transducers for greater coverage. Simultaneous split-screen viewing of multiple depth ranges. Maximum depth of 3,000 metres / 10,000 feet (transducer dependent). Plug-and-play 9-pin transducer connectors for easy installation
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S2009 Fish Finder

Dedicated fish finder with integrated CHIRP-enabled sounder and 9-inch portrait display. Integrated 9-inch portrait display. High brightness ideal for outside installation. High depth penetration and ping speed. Vertical heave compensation. Simple operation with 8 direct-access menu keys. Customise your view to highlight targets of interest. Bracket or flush-mount installation (bracket included)

Designed for every requirement

From all in one totalScan technology to the three-dimensional images of StructureScan® 3D, we offer something for every angler, on any budget. We have all the options to complete your ultimate fish-finding system, with a variety of transducers and sonar options all designed to help you find more fish.

Fish like a pro

Whether searching deep for swordfish, mid-range bait balls or wrecks holding big snapper, the Simrad S5100 Sounder upgrades your fish-finding ability. This high performance CHIRP sonar module features three fully independent sonar channels, delivering high-resolution images of true simultaneous coverage of up to three different depth ranges without losing bottom depth tracking.

Know what lies ahead

ForwardScan provides forward-looking, two-dimensional sonar views of the bottom ahead of your boat. In shallow, unfamiliar, or poorly-charted waters, ForwardScan is a powerful defence against running around, and an invaluable tool for locating secure sites to drop anchor.