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Sergio Davi

Follow Sergio Davi on his new Transoceanic RIB adventure

Captain Sergio Davi is back again with another ocean challenge, and this time he is covering two oceans, three continents and more than 10,000 nautical miles! A solo adventure from Italy to California via the Panama Canal on-board his 38-foot Nuova Jolly RIB, outfitted with Simrad® electronics.


The voyage begins late November and will last more than three months on the open seas, covering more than 20 stopovers. His epic journey also features a solo non-stop leg of over 1800 miles from Cabo Verde to French Guyana – a record within a record for a rubber inflatable boat (RIB).


Sergio’s Nuova Jolly Prince 38cc is powered by two highly fuel-efficient 300hp Suzuki outboard engines and outfitted with the latest Simrad®navigation equipment to keep him on course throughout the voyage. The Simrad® AP™48 AutoPilot will be essential on long-solo legs. At the same time, other Simrad® equipment, such as HALO®radar, NSSevo3S™ and a DownScan™ transducer, will be crucial for his research on plastics and cetaceans for the Zooprophylactic Institutes of Piedmont and Sicily.


“I love the vastness of the ocean that makes us so tiny, so very small. And this makes us reflect on the fact that we are nothing more than small particles surrounded by the true ruler: their Majesty the Ocean!” says Davi. Follow along here on World of Simrad.

Sergio's Itinerary



Preparing for the Adventure